Friday, March 26, 2010

oh the many thoughts in my head!

where to begin, seems i have had lots going on but not enough of any one thing to post about. first of all, i ordered the homeschool supplies! oh but the butterflies were going in my stomach! first when i notified the school they could give gracie's spot away next year, and then ordering the supplies, were definete "no going back now" moments! ahhhhhh! but i feel very strongly that God has brought us to this point, and so like the saying goes, He will also bring us through it! lol

i think i have secured gracie flute lessons starting in june, so one of the things she was upset she was gonna miss out on from public school has been knocked off the list. so excited to see if she does as well with that, as frankie has with his piano. hopefully she will practice her flute more than he practices his piano though! i was able to pick up a nice flute in great condition last year at a garage sale for $20 and now only have to pay $10 for her lessons!

Most recently (no none of this will probably be in order because my mind does not flow in order) i have thought we needed to add some more recipes into our biweekly menus. my friend jenifer had given me this recipe for italian chicken which i thought was wonderful. posted about it on fb and found out EVERYONE except ME had been using this recipe forever! lol then i discovered it was in a tast of home cookbook! ha! well that got me to looking through recipe books for new ideas, but i always am fearful to try them for fear of wasting all the ingredients if we don't like it. so i decided to hold a "recipe tasting party". i'm gonna have everyone bring their favorite recipe, be it appetizer, main course or desert or a recipe they have never made but thought it sounded good, to this party, along with several copies of the recipe. that way we can all try new recipes without making so many ourselves. i am reallllllllly hoping for a good turn out and good recipes! i mean, what more can you ask for, free food and good company!

on yet another front, i started reading my granny's diaries again. she kept a diary ever day of her life since she was 18. i currently just finished 1942 and am starting in 1943. she also has yearbooks from 1919, 1920 (the year she was born) and 1938, why she had the earlier ones i am not sure, but they sure are fun to look through! anyway, it has renewed my motivation to get back to keeping my own daily journal. especially for things i want to remember but may not be sooo appropriate for on here! lol so far i have kept at it for 13 days! a new record! lol

mailed my mother in law's quilt to her. i am very pleased with how it turned out. she called 2 days in a row to tell me how much she enjoyed it and that it made her feel like chris' dad was back with her. she had gotten rid of the majority of his things last july when he passed. she had forgotten she gave me his shirts to make the quilt with, so she was very pleased to see the quilt. she said she slept better than she had in a long time with that quilt! that alone was worth all the time put in, but then she called back a few days later to tell me she had taken it downstairs (she lives at an assisted living place) to show her friends. she said they all were looking it over and loved it. i laughed and said, well tell them not to look too closesly cuz it's far from perfect. she said, no they did look closely and couldn't get over all the work put in. i said, how many of them had cataracts!? lol she laughed and said all of them! lol then she said they were all asking her if i could make one for them! she told them she didnt' think i had enough squares left over, they said, they would go around collecting them! lol just to hear her laugh and joke and carry on again, now THAT made it really worth it!
well that's all for now folks, i have lots more going on, but the yard and garden are enough for a whole new post! good night for now!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Let's get organized

a very short but funny blog. so i asked frankie to put the clean towels away in the linen closet. well gracie said she would do it for him (shocker i know!) well she decided she wanted to organize the bathroom. so when i got up this morning, this is what i found..

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

valentine's day 2010

ok, let me specify up front, i don't usually decorate for valentine's, st.patrick's day or easter, simply because, i was tired of getting stuff up at the last minute and then having to take it back down. however, i also must fess up, when i watched an episode of jon and kate plust 8, it did seem like so much fun for the kids and she really didn't do that much in the way of decorating. so when out shopping with my friend, i saw a packet of v-day decorations, all in one thing, for $10 smackaroos! ok, i thought, i can do THAT! and i got each family member a little "love" to wake up to. again, maintaining it all in the dinning room. most people's kitchens are their center of activity, well my kitchen is too small, so the dinning room is ours.
Gracie got a picture framed thing i made for her of hunter beans, plus a valentine's day waterglobe (as we have started a new tradition of collecting water globes, some chocolates and a card from nana and a card from gran and grandad.
Frankie got his globe, his cards, and a mini pot of flowers to grow, some aqua globes that he has wanted for a long time and some andes mints (since most boxed chocolates have nuts!) and
chris got a card from me with a gamestop gift card and some of his favorite chocolates taped on top. the kids got me a little box of chocolates and we all enjoyed some krispy kreme doughnuts. all in all, it was fun, easy and i loved that i could take down the decorations the next day and put them back in thier little package for next year! now that's what i call decorating! i may even decorate for easter at this rate!

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