Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dentist Drama

(Saw this Pic on Pinterest and thought it was funny)

So I went in to the dentist today (4th and last visit in the past 2 months) to get the last of my fillings done. I was dreading it! My dentist will only do one side at a time and lucky me had one in each corner! BTW, I got rid of the bubble gum, and will now only use sugar free WHEN I can chew gum again. Well the last 2 visits have left me in pain, so I was NOT looking forard to this one, but I was going to "woman up" and get it over with. I walked out the door forgetting my ipod, which I use to attempt to block out some of the drilling noise, so I was dreading it even more so. I get there and the front desk lady said she was proud of me for keeping all my visits. I guess some people decide they would rather let their teeth rot away and not get them filled....believe me, the thought had crossed my mind after the last visit!

So I get in the chair and the dentist comes in and I ask "how are you doing" to which he replies, "not too good. I have to go to the cardiologist Monday, they are talking about maybe having to put a pacemaker in". He goes on to explain how his blood pressure was really high right then, and how he started out the day feeling ok, but not so much right then. I ask, if his heart is racing, then is it hard to breathe, he said ya. OK. I did NOT go to college, but I am kinda thinking, heart racing, hard to breathe, do I want you inside my mouth with big needles and a drill....ummm, no! So I joked and said, uh, do you want to reschedule? THANKFULLY he said "really?  you wouldn't mind?" Uhh DUH! He said he would not offer to still do it if he didn't think he was able but.....   BUT I don't want to be the patient he figures out he was NOT ok to work on after the fact! LOL So, twist my arm to have to put off a visit I was dreading, + he offered to take $100 off my return visit for helping him out! BONUS!!! Heck ya, I'll reschedule, any time doc!  I am sooo glad I have a friendly dentist who tells me his whoa's so I know what I'm in for! :-)  So instead I went and did a little shopping and came home and worked in the yard (after downloading some new hymns onto my ipod). Good Day! GOOOOOD Day! Thank you Jesus for watching out for both me and my dentist!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's the little things

This year I am trying to make more time for myself. Time to spend on making ME better so I can BE better for my family. I think it's easy to fall into self pity and martar thoughts when we give everything to everyone else and never make time or spend money on ME. Selfish? Maybe, but if I am constantly begruding giving everything to everyone else, then I might as well not do anything for everyone because it is not in the right spirit. So far this year, I have paid to have my hair colored (which included a trim). I do not think I have ever in my life paid to have my hair colored and only a few times have I ever paid to have it cut. I also decided (with my husbands blessing) to have the vaneers taken off my teeth (they were put on in 8th grade) and get braces to finally straighten them once and for all (plus afterwards I can whiten them which I have always wanted to do). It turns out, that selfish act may have saved one of my teeth. Because the vaneer was not allowing the tooth under to get very clean and it was starting to rot away....eww gross! I know, that is what I thought too!
I also have been trying to make time to excersise, but as spring has come early and that involves much yard work along with inside work, that goal has not been achieved as well. But I have done better about my water intake and my skin has shown that dramatic improvement.
Finally, today, I really went all out. I was tired of painting my nails only to have it peel off the same day. So tonite, I actually paid for the more expensive nail polish and am hoping THAT will make the difference. It's so fun to look down and see my fingers look so pretty (as pretty as big man hands can). Although, if I don't stop typing, I think it will all continue to get messed up, as it's evidently not quite dry enough. So goodnight!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Daily Grind

I am always afraid to write down my plans or goals, because it seems as soon as I do, they are jinxed. I make a long menu plan, and daily goal plans, that I have been doing really good with, but as soon as I put pen to paper, I seem to jinx it and it all falls apart. However I am determined to persevere and keep trying! I have most of my menu through to the end of April planned, and my daily to do list until after Easter down. Hopefully I will accomplish more than what I have on that list, but if I only get the things done on that list.... atleast SOMETHING wil have gotten done. I know there are several books on how to run your home like a business, but unfortunetly, I was never any good in the business world, that's why I became a stay at home mom!
Yesterday, I got alot accomplished, and it didn't seem like much until I wrote it all down. Therefor, I think I am going to start writing down all I get done in a day....Yesterday's was the following:
Made breakfast, lunch and dinner.....that is an accomplishment in of itself, as we have been eating out alot lately!~
Did laundry alllll day! ....It's still going today, sheets and blankets take a long time to wash, especially if they have piled up....
Cut out and sewed 2 more pairs of coulots for Gracie...not as simple as it sounds, as she is very particular about her shorts, and so I was constantly making adjustments. I had cut out and sewed one other pair the night before.
Worked on garden and fenced it in ... this involved putting more dirt into the beds that the dog had dug the dirt out of! Some of the dirt had gotten wet, so lifting shovel fulls of wet soil is hard work (that was probably good for me, but I can't acknowledge that) far as fencing it in (to keep said dog out in the future), well my husband ACTUALLY did this, but I did start the process and hammered in a few of the stakes, but after seeing me miss the stakes and hit the fencing, one too many times, well, he decided to take over....
Weeded in between the bushes ....these bushes are the ones a few weeks ago I took the time to lay wet newspaper (per pinterest),and then put down mulch so I would not have to weed! However some persistent weeds have found their way out (probably to the tune of "I'm a survivor"). So I pulled them and then covered those areas with cardboard and recovered with the mulch.
Pruned and weeded the blackberry bushes ...hopefully I will only have to do this once this year. I am using the approach that worked out front between THOSE bushes, where I cut/pull the grass and let it lay there as the mulch to keep new grass from growing. I also watched a video on pruning blackberry bushes on Pinterest (yes some people actually put those ideas to use and not just repin them), and hopefully we will not only get more berries this year, but have better access to them.
Changed the sheets on my bed...I have been doing this often as the dogs insist on climbing in with me, no matter how hard I try to keep them on TOP of the blankets, one inevitably finds his way UNDER and the other one goes  under in search of the first. Therefor the sheets/blankets need changed often, therefore all the laundry in the above chore...
Put away clean clothes ...this is actually remarkable for me as they often sit in the basket until I need them, then I curse myself for letting them sit there getting all wrinkled when I need to wear them!
Made menu through the next month along with chore to do list (while soaking in a nice hot bath, see I can multitask) ...Let's hope I stick to it!
All this while juggling two homeschooling kids and a husband....who needs the business world, I have enough in my own little home world! Plus the benefits are much more....beneficial to me!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring is in the air...

What has taken up all my blogging time! I have been super busy as of late, with what you may ask, well, let me just share a few of the things that have been going on.....

First, I must say, I am dissappointed in the lack of storms we have had so far this spring. However one did produce some good thunder and lightening for a short period. It even gave us a bit of hail. Not as much as others, who got baseball size, but enough the kids and I were a little....over dramatic about it! But just like people, it came in all different sizes......
                                                      What the hail???
                                  It was even blown onto the covered porch!

Along with spring, came my husbands 2 week vacation for being with the company so long. He coulndn't have picked a nicer two weeks! We were able to get outside and get alot of the projects done BEFORE the yard got the better of us. We got the back fenced cleared and sprayed with weed preventer, we got the garden moved (3rd times a charm, right?) , 4 new raised beds made, 4 new large pots bought, and cardboard laid down, then the beds/pots, then surrounded by mulch and then filled with dirt! THAT was a long two days. Later  I planted the peas. And since we have had such unusually warm, record breaking warmth, with no change in sight, I decided to gamble (they only way I will ever be doing that lol ) and go ahead and plant things you aren't normally supposed to until later. I figure, if we do drop low enough for a frost, I should know ahead enough to cover them.

We also got to the bushes along the fence in time. This year, I layed wet newspaper down before mulching, hoping it will keep the weeds at bay. They are prickly little boogers that come up there!

And I got my tomato plants started indoors. Gracie is trying some flowers, however, I do not see her getting much farther than when Frank tried it a few years ago. Hey I admit I have a brown thumb when it comes to flowers. It may just turn out they do too!

As usual, I am now not able to let a holiday go by without decorating for it. Partly because we are finally financially able to afford for me to buy the decorations! lol. Sooo right after Valentines Day, I put up my St.Patrick's Day. Now that it is over, I have up my Easter decorations, but this was then and not now! :-)

Loved this material (it looks better in person I promise) but could not decide what to use it for. Finally after I got everything up, I decided I needed a table cloth on the coffee table and this material would be perfect, so away I went to JoAnn Fabric to get the material I had been coveting for about a week!
Little dangly shamrocks from the curtains.... There were more decorations, but that is all I wanted to put on this already full blog.

And last but not least, I have tried my hand at quilting, in ernst. A family friend was having a baby girl. And the green, pink and brown were her nursery colors. I decided to make a quilt (using my new and barely used accuquilt to cut the squares) and am pretty pleased how it turned out. So was my husband, for now I am making him one for our 15 year anniversary! After that, my daughter has requested one! Oh boy, not sure when I will get back on here again with all the "orders" my family has put in!
There have been some other things that I don't have pictures of, well not that I will be posting anyway. For instance my long desire to get the vaneer bonding off my teeth and get braces on to permanently straighten them and then be able to whiten them! Plus all the homeschool we have been doing. Our second trip to Great Wolfe Lodge, where not only did they loose power, the fire alarm went off (so they had to corrall everybody to the back of the building) and someone did SOMETHING in the wave pool which required all swimmers to leave that part of the park and an employee to go in with gloves and a net.... Not our favorite visit! lol  And finally, I admit, my pinterest addiction. However it is starting to wane a bit as I feel I have seen just about all I can. I keep seeing things I already pinned about 70 zillion times! I want to tell eveyrone, just go onto my boards and I have taken care of all your pinning needs! lol So now I am working on actually achieving some of those pins! But I would like to get better about my blogging. I obviously did not make it far on my picture a day. But that is o.k. I'm still living it, just not photographing it!

The First Valentines Day Banquet

So this year, my young man, had his first Valentines Banquet at our church. He decided to ask a childhood friend to be his date. He said if she said no, he would just ask her friend, another childhood friend. Well after waiting for what, for him, seemed like forever, (her mom was out of town and she wanted to wait until she got back to ask her opinion) not only did girl #1 say yes, but the "backup" agreed to go as well so it would be a group date and not so awkward. Ofcourse this made Frankie feel like Mr. Stud Muffin!

So after a lOOOOng conversation on how he should behave and how he should approach things, he decided he wanted to get the girls roses (with his own money). However he insisted on looking up what each color meant so as not to put out the wrong impression. Deciding on Pink, because one of the meanings of pink is to say thank you. So we got the flowers and a new suit (thanks to Gran) and headed out to pick them up.

I guess I should have versed him on waiting until the girl was all the way down the stairs to hand her the flower, but he was just so anxious to give it to her!

Girl number one, that he asked.

Girl number two. I had to tell him to quit holding his thumb up and acting like he was more than he was! lol

The three musketeers. If you go back a few years in my blog about spin the flip flop, these are the same two girls! haha

I made sure to tell him to be a gentleman so I was very pleased to see him open the door for the girls. Although he panicked a bit about who to open it for first, and the girls, showing how supportive they would be the whole night, helped him out by both getting in the same door!

I dropped them off and left so I had to rely on other people's  pictures from the night. Here is a pic Kaci (girl number 2) took with her phone. I think it ended up being my favorite of all of them!

I believe it was likely this game that gave him the embarrassing moment of the night, when his brand new pants ripped just under the zipper! Tori (girl number one) tried to spare him a little embarrasement by having another guy tell him, but this guy evidently didn't want Frankie thinking he was looking down there told him Tori is the one who saw it! lol. But Frank, being the ever laid back kid that he is, just put his suit jacket back on and went on about the night.!
After looking forward to this for weeks, and all the build up, I think the let down finally came on the way home, that it was over. He was very quiet and subdued and most likely tired! However after dropping the girls off, we had a really nice long talk about dating and relationships at this young of an age. I certainly think it was an experience he will never forget and showed him that he has friends who are true and will always support him when needed! That's a good thing to realize no matter what age you are!

Made by Lena