Monday, September 21, 2009

season of life friends

first of all, i can't believe how much i have been blogging! blame it on my not wanting to post on FB anymore! lol so all my random thoughts end up on here! lol ok this morning my thoughts were on my BFF's through out the different season's of my life. they are as listed:

my little cousin Ashley = she is my BFF connection to my past, family and forever will be future. she is very wry, witty and funny! she is also the totally responsible adult i don't think anyone else in our family ever became! lol i love and adore her and she will forever be my little miss kitty!

next in line is my friend Debbie = she is my BFF/confidant/advice giver since high school. she has you look at all sides of the coin, she probably coined the term "save the drama for your mama" calm, collected, always ready to laugh at a situation rather than cry over it. plus she is my ideal for raising kids, she turned out 2 of the best ones i ever knew! she will always be the second mom (the one who i couldn't get in trouble with) who always had an answer for me.

then came along Lynette! = she is my, if i were in a pickle, she was probably right there in the same pickle BFF! we do tend to get ourselves into some messes! we want the same things in life, and we both have a tendency to put our foots in our mouths. she is the one you can look at and you both just burst out laughing cuz we've done the same thing! think susan meyer on desperate housewives! lol lynette is my "i've fallen and can't get up" friend, and if anyone can ever empathize it's her! lol i know if anyone would ever understand me and my predicaments, it's her! lol

a little after lynette came along, Christi better known as "Tee" came along! = she is my hallmark BFF. she is the one who lives up to what most think is not really attainable. if she wants to do something, she does it. no obstacle too large. you know when you read a card and think well no one can be that perfect in life, she is! she also is my, no matter how many miles, or how much time or how different our paths are, she will always be there friend, and our friendship never goes grey, meaning it never fades. we dont' have to talk daily to know what we mean to each other, we don't have to have everything in common to care for each other. she is the one who will never leave my heart no matter what! plus she has too much of my past in her head to allow me to let her stray too far! lol

after christi, i had a dry spell on BFF's, i had a couple that mascaraded as ones but didn't quite fit the bill, it takes alot to be able to put up with me, but my old friends got me through, until finally when frankie was in kindergarten/first grade! along came my Jenifer! = jenifer is my martha stuart BFF, she is my how to homemaker friend! lol we lead parallel lives, similar but not the exactly the same. she is the ethel to my lucy, the dianna to my anne, she is the one who i first had a major fight with, but yet continued to be there, i had never experienced that before! lol luckily we have not had that again, but it amazed me that it was possible! she is the one that helped me grow up a bit when it came to friends. she also is the one who when you want to complain will listen and agree even if your wrong, cuz that is what you needed at the time! she is the one who after my mom, i call. who we can laugh til' our stomachs hurt and then agree that was workout enough for the day! lol if i need to know how to do something, she knows how and she will do it well! really well! lol

then a few years after jenifer and my latest friend to come along is Barb = she is my get r done BFF! lol if you need the motivation to do something, you call barb! she not only gets r done, but in the most quick way you ever thought possible! she is another "achiever" in my list of friends. i am not sure if there is any task she can't undertake other than sitting idle. she has more energy than a toddler! she also is the most unconditional friend/person i have ever known. every time i think something will ruin our friendship, she just waves her hand like i just tooted or something and says, eh girl! that ain't gonna effect our friendship! i have never met anyone like her. the way she lets things roll off her back! she is the most forgiving person i know. she also reaches out to people in the most genuine way i have ever seen. and i mean everyone! it does not matter, who, or what you are. i feel so blessed that out of all the people she reaches out to, she held on to me so close! we may differ in views on things alot! lol but somehow she does not allow that to penetrate our friendship! i have never met anyone like her, oh wait, i already put that, but it is so true! and what i find most facinating about her, is she appears to be one thing but is actually not! and i mean that in a good way. she appears to be this strong, hard core cop, she seems like she would be woman's lib all the way! she is actually one of the most sensitive, soft, cry cuz YOUR crying, submits to her husband, christian women i have ever met! she is also the most complex friend i have ever had! lol she is the friend that when we are in our 80's she will be yelling, girl you don't need that walker! c'mon, it's slowing us down! and i say that cuz i know, she will still be there motivating me even then!

so these are the ladies from the different season's of my life. i am sure there will be more to come in the future. but i hope these ladies know, how they have touched my life, and left huge footprints (now i'm not saying you have big feet girls!) there that have changed and molded me and will last till i die or atleast until if i get alzheimers (sp?) lol

***one last note on the friends in my life. my mom, is not on here because she is my mom, she is in a class all her own, as you all know, i can not categorize her, because it would be like categorizing myself or my kids. she is me, she is a huge part of me, and she deserves a blog all of her own. but she was my first BFF and will be my last BFF, she is everyone wrapped up in one. but again, i will blog about her another day.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Working mom

so i was a working mom this weekend. i filled in for my mom at the model home she sits at on the weekends. let me tell you, it was a crazy weekend! i can now really appreciate NOT working outside of my home especially on the weekends! it started off sounding easy, even enjoyable! 6 hrs of quiet time to myself! HA! saturday, i had to go in a half hour early cuz i needed to leave a half hour early, to make a friends' daughter's wedding. well, i had gone in last weekend with my mom so she could show me what all i needed to do (which is not much, so i figured, eh no big deal i can handle this) and she said, "and you can always call me if you have any questions" . so i knew i needed to take some stuff to do, there was no computer, no phone (except my cell) and 6 hrs to kill. so i loaded my bag up with sewing, and reading and a microwave meal, and the present and wrapping paper to wrap said present for the wedding, needless to say, my hands were quite full! so i unlock the door, and head in.... i hear this beeping noise, like when you have an alarm system.....hmmmm, mom didn't say anything about an alarm, maybe it's just cuz the front door is open, so i go in, lay all my stuff down, shut the door.......hmmmm still beeping....that's weird......whoooo whoooo whoooo....alarm is going off! so i try to call mom to figure out what to answer! i tried calling the guy at the other answer! ughhh! so i tried calling mom answer! now the alarm is SCREAMING at this point! i tried my dad's cell phone.....thank the Lord for dads!!!....he answers and puts mom on (who had just happened at the time i was arriving to have been "indisposed" with out phone!) so she gives me the code, and is hollaring about who in the world turned the alarm on, she NEVER turns the alarm on (nor even told me about the alarm!). i get the alarm off, call the "boss man" at the other model, he says, "oh you should'nt have any problems, there is no phone line there so it's not hooked into the police dept so you shouldn't be having them come out, your fine"......ok fine, so i get situated, start wrapping the present, comes an older, and i mean older, man in what appears to be a police uniform, i say appears to be cuz i was not sure if it was or if it was a "security" officer uniform. so i tell him what happened, and he looks at me like i'm a ghost and he can see right through me (ie. he's not all there) and says well if you have a key to the front door i'll get out of your way. so i showed him and as he leaves, shuffling his feet out the dooor, cuz he evidently does not have the energy or strength to lift his feet, (which i must say some days i feel that way but i am like 50 yrs younger than him!) so it's a good thing i was not a theif he needed to chase! whew, ok, so i'm thinking i'm good to go now.
well i get some squares cut out of a shirt (for a quilt) and get some reading done, and i am ready to heat up that meal, ya, i forgot to pack anything to eat the meal with! so i call chris, just hoping for a fork to be brought up, no such luck, he wants to be NICE and bring me lunch along with the kids, who i am on edge about messing up anything in that house! so finally i get them gone, after we all eat lunch, then i read a bit more and realize i really need to bring more to do the next day. the kids call and ask when i am coming home about 10 times. then i talk to mom for awhile on the phone then at 4:30 a young family come in. now i mean young, she is 22 with 3 kids, 3 yrs, 21 months and a baby in a carrier! i ended up talking to them for the next hour, while the kids ran all around, banging on things, pulling down things, breaking a thing, grabbing things! ahhhh! (and i was worried about MY kids leaving crumbs from lunch!) finally i let them know i got to get out of there. so they leave, i run and pick up the family, now i know on the wedding invitation, it said 6pm. however i did not look at the directions which said "starts promptly at 6" so we get there a few minutes after 6 and the bride is walking down the isle! and we slide into the last table available and try to not look frazzled! leave there early so we can get home (where i desperately needed to use the little girls room cuz i didn't want to go at the model) and then leave to pick up my nephew who was staying the night! ok so that was day one of being a working mom! day 2 was much less eventful, but i have decided my place is in the home.....MY home! i will never complain about being busy and crazy at home, i may state the fact but i will not complain, i will love and enjoy the fact i am at home!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

my boy is home!

well he had a great time! flat rock was a huge success except for the fact he didn't get to see the animals! lol he did have a hard time sleeping it sounds, which is why once we got home he fell asleep and stayed asleep all night! when we went to pick them up, i told my friend jenifer, i can't wait to hug him and hold him in my arms again! and she said i probably shouldn't do that in front of his friends, but i told her, for now, luckily he does not mind, and sure enough as soon as he saw me he ran into my arms! i will take what i can get for as long as i can get it! then as i look at him, i start to say "i told you that is an undershirt, you are only to wear it with your pajamas" but i only go to the undershirt part and look down and sure enough he is still wearing his pajamas at 2 o'clock in the afternoon!!! i said why are you wearing your pajamas? he shrugged and said, they never told us to change! (wide eyes here) are you kidding me! you are in the 5th grade and you have to be told to change out of your pajamas and into regular clothes for the day!!!! you have got to be kidding me! lol but the last laugh was on him! i took him to steak and shake to get a milkshake and let him tell me about the trip while killing time before we had to pick up gracie and he goes "we're going in?!!!" i said yup! guess your wishing now you had changed out of those pj's huh! lol so he zipped up his jacket and away we went, he was not going to let his attire stop him from getting a milkshake!
so i asked about the night hike, he said ms. mckenzie started yelling out like a crazy lady! she SAID she was making the sounds of owls and that if we ever hear what we think is a crazy guy in the woods it is probably an owl. but it freaked me out and i didn't want to go on until mrs. curtis promised she wouldn't be yelling out like that anymore!

so while frankie was gone, chris was gone AND my mom was gone, i decided to do something special with gracie. so yesterday after school i took her out to eat, she chose moe's which was good since kids eat free after 5 on wed! then we went to the christmas shoppe, cuz we hadn't been there yet. we picked up a few things there, including a dog calendar that have funny pics in black and white which we are going to frame some and use for decorations in her "doggy themed" room. then we went to Jo-Anne fabrics. we wanted to find a simple easy project for her to do so i can start teaching her to sew. the ladies there recommended a pillowcase, which i thought sounded great, so she picked out some material and ribbon. the lady cutting the fabric said her kids all learned to sew making pillow cases and that they ended up making one for every holiday and then for their friends! i thought that was an excellent idea! gracie is very excited about it. then we came home and she showered and we climbed in bed and watched cheaper by the dozen (the original) and went to sleep. we had a really good time, however she was not pleased when she got up this morning, her day of spoiling was over and her brother was coming back home. so she too had a hard day, but she did do better than i tought she would.

i am so thankful and grateful to God for blessing me with my kids. i have always wanted to be a stay at home mom and while i have many areas with that, that can stand improving, i am very pleased with my kids overall. they love their family, they even love each other, and especially they love their God. so though i may complain about things at time, and can easily focus on the bad instead of the good, if i lost everything and everyone in my life but my family and my God, i think i would still have life pretty good!

BAD friends

i wish when we became friends with someone, there was a warning label on ones who just want to be friends when you are perfect in their eyes and when you can do things for them. then you could just avoid them and avoid alot of the hurt they would bring you in the future. and in contrast, there could be a sign on others that say, there for the good and bad, for when you agree and disagree, when you can help them and they can help you, to share in your joys and your sorrows, to lift you up when your down, to allow you to lift them up when they are down, and to celebrate the good things that happen instead of resenting you for them and for you to rejoice in their good fortune as well. and then there are some friends even that would maybe say, friendship better with age, meaning you will appreciate and enjoy them better when you are older! lol thank goodness, i have had more of the latter in my life, but it sure doesn't take the sting out of the effects of the before mentioned. but thankfully, when i get stung i have many of the good friends there, to catch me, heal me and pick me back up! i thank God most of all for being the model of the good friend! now if i can just keep my eyes on HIM instead of the warning labels, maybe i could build an immunity to the ones with warning labels!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

good friends!

thanks to jill, i now know how to upload pics and am able to give my blog a new name, not very original, but who knows what it may change to! so now if i could just take pics as good as jill, we all could be happy! lol i am thinking....always scary, (no comment from the peanut gallery about that, we already know), i may go back through old pics and pick out fun ones so i can post with the stories. the date of the posting may not be accurate but the memories will be there just the same! who needs to scrapbook when you can blog! wait did i say that, well yes, cuz then i don't have to worry about the blog being lost in a fire or tornado! however i have a feeling i will continue to scrapbook when i get the chance, but like cara said, atleast i will have a timeline reference! AND that is why i need to be on here more! lol good thing reading a blog is optional! blame jill, her blog inspired me, & blame jenifer, she showed me the blog thing to begin with! blame cara and lynette for anything you want. i'm sure there was something in there to blame them for! lol

Monday, September 14, 2009

Doctors and Moles!

ok, so i think (i probably should have reread the last post) i told how frankie had pnemonia last week, pretty sure i did. well, he had a hard time breathing this morning and he finished the antibiotic yesterday, so back we went to the dr who was running an hour behind. (i'll tell you the conclusion now, we had to go get an xray cuz he couldn't hear anything and didn't know why he had a hard time breathing, we will get results tommorow) BTW, i forgot to put on my last post, frankie had been hacking and coughing up phlem forever before we went to the dr. So when we got there and they went to weigh him, he informed the nurse, "i might weigh slightly more due to all this phlem i have built up in here" lol.
well while waiting in the room, frankie notices the thing on the wall with all the medical brochures on all kinds of issues! lol so the nurse came in, ....question time! he wanted to know what osteoporosis (sp?) was and she said it's when your bones start to disengrate, well he wanted to know is it because of something in your blood, or what, well she couldn't answer, so then he wanted to know what acid reflux was, but before she finished he said "oh is that just a medical word for heart burn?" then onto depression, "well if depression is a mental problem, how can it effect you physically"....she looked at me and i said, "try to walk, not run, out of the room when your done, and please don't tell the dr frankie is on a quizitive streak, or he may take longer to get in here" lol but truthfully, dr miller loves to indulge frankie and does not leave the room until frankie had asked all his questions and dr miller has answered them to the satisfaction of frank! even on a day when he is running an hour behind! we have an awesome dr!

now onto the mole! earlier in the year (btw this part is probably not for the weak at stomach) i had been gardening and i look over and hunter is tossing a mole up in the hair, letting it fall then doing it again, (never said he was the smartest dog, but he is the sweetest). well i went over with the garden fork thingy, and picked it up and slammed it against some rocks to kill it and threw it in the neighbors field, (don't have sympathy for something that tears up my yard and makes me twist an akle just walking through it! ) so i had told the kids about it. gracie is starting to worry me with the humor she finds in these things! lol, anyway, so gracie and i are cleaning out the van today, and frankie (who walked outside wearing his daddy's shoes) starts hollaring for us. finally here he comes, saying hunter caught another mole! and frankie, is carrying it inside his dad's shoe! (now mind you i have chris on the phone and did inform him of what was in his shoe) chris said to tell him to put it down, cuz the thing could bite him and give him rabies! so i take the shoe from him, and the thing starts to climb out, so i throw it on the gravel driveway, and step on the shoe which is now over the mole. obviously i did not do a good job cuz it just starts to crawl away when i remove the shoe. the kids are watching it, frankie has it named reggie, i am trying to kick it over to the neighbors side, and then gracie picks up a huge rock and asks if she can throw it on it, (she remembered what i had told her about the one in the spring) so i said i don't care! well frankie had a cow, but she did it anyway. she kept doing it and the thing just kept crawling, well she evidently got it's leg good and it was bleeding, frankie freaked and yelled it's bleeding and gracie got all upset, i said grace! seriously what did you think was going to happen when you throw a big rock on it! i said we need to finish it so it doesn't suffer! now the girl who wanted to throw a rock on it has a conscience since she sees blood and wants to take it to the vet and is crying! ughhh! i sent them inside finished it off and threw it in the trash! all this is happening on 3 hrs of sleep! i am ready for bed and it's not even 8 pm! forget the calgon, just give me a bed!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Facebook and all that!

ok, so i had decided i make too much of a fool of myself in front of too many people on facebook, i really should just concentrate on my blog and stay off of facebook so much. good idea you may say, EXCEPT then i go to my friend jill's blog. it is magazine worthy! and i have a plain as you can be, boring, don't even know how to put pictures on here blog! so the debate continues. however i do like the idea of writing down the funny (to me anyway) things my kids say.
change of subject, we had friends over for game night last friday, my friend brought a "pokey hole cake" now my mom had made this before when i was younger, it was great, i tried to make it, figured you just bake a cake poke some holes in it, pour the pudding wham, pokey hole cake! well once again i failed! it was a soggy mess! so when sue brought hers, it was delicious, (the fact that i am still obsessed with this cake a week later, shows how good it was and the fact i am too obsessed with sweets!) so i made her write down the step by step directions! evidently i left out a couple steps that make all the difference in the world! so i am attempting to make one for the family tonite, if frankie likes it i am hoping to make one for his birthday in 2 weeks. only due to his love of mint chocolate, i will make a chocolate cake with chocolate mint pudding on top!! wish me luck!
ok the one consolation to no pics is i feel i can go on longer! lol last week gracie was home for 3 days from school due to her allergy skin testing. where they put strips on her back and she couldn't sweat, get hot, or get wet for 48 hrs, so....3 days.....home ....all day.....can't even ask her to clean her room......tape comes off, ......NOTHING! so we still don't even know what her skin is reacting too! THEN this week, frankie had been coughing his lungs out and so i finally took him in to the dr......PNEMONIA! AGAIN! so he was home for 3 days this week! i am ready for peace and quiet next week. chris will be gone to texas for work, mom and dad are going to michigan, and even frankie will be gone 2 days on an overnight fieldtrip for school! ahhh gracie better not get sick! lol

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