Sunday, October 11, 2009


well i have had a couple ideas for blogs but no pictures to go with them, we have not been able to get our act together and get something set up to transfer new pics onto this computer. i think that will be today's project.
just read a friend's blog that was talking a bit about how narcissistic fb is and often blogs are like christmas letters, (she was not saying that is her view point, just that it was topic of conversation) which got ME thinking as well, but here is MY conclusion, and since your reading MY blog you must care what I think! lol if you don't then i recommend stopping at any point in this sentence and finding something different to do with your time! lol i think that is the point of facebook and blogging, it's to write down what is going on in your life so your friends and family can stay up on it, when they want to and if they want to. how stupid would it be for me to write what my friend is doing when you may not know my friend! and i would rather read what my friends are doing on their blogs when i have time and that way i am more likely to keep my opinions on what they are doing to myself, where if i was talking to them i may A) interrupt when i shouldn't B) give what my opinion is too quickly C) roll my eyes unconsciencely (is that a word?) so i mean really it is a way of saving friendships and hurt feelings if you think about it. lol and on facebook, if they are really annoying or too vulgur, i can delete or hide them and no big deal (except for the ones that don't get the hint and keep friend requesting you). so if you are a half empty kind of person, you could see all the faults in this new way of communication, or if you are a half full kind of person you can see all the benefits and put up with the negatives. i see it as a way to rekindle old friendships and not have to tell the same story 20 million times! i also see it as a journal of sorts. and you know what, really when we look back years from now, do we really want to reread and remember the bad stuff, or the christmas letters? i prefer christmas letters, that's what we should be concentrating on. the media offers us plenty of the negative, that's another reason why we did away with tv! and yes i do go on and on, you get only a fraction of what my mind puts me through, so be thankful! lol
and one more thing, if you read my blog, make a comment or two so i know your reading it, i thought only 2-3 people were reading it but found out last week two others were! lol it's nice to get feedback, don't be a blog stalker, let me know your there! lol be a "follower!" lol and one last thing, i think blogs and fb feed the nosy neighbor in us all, let's be honest.

Monday, October 5, 2009


so this weekend frankie had a couple of funnies! one, when in the car to visit his gran (who was running late so we didnt' get to see her then) he informed me of the difference between "young girls and old girls" evidently young girls are more frisky and old girls are more laid back and take it easy and enjoy life! now you are probably thinking the same thing i was at that time, so i asked him what he meant by frisky! he said, you know, they like to go out to parties and are into all that relationshiop stuff , blah blah blah, yuck! (hee hee) oh, ok i said, so what age is frisky and what age is not, he said, well the old ladies start to settle down when they are about in their early 40's no 50's and they start to wind down, but gran doesn't really follow that rule, she is more like the younger ones, but mom you are more like the older ones! thanks frank! lol i think part of that came about from when he was on the phone with his gran and she told him she was going to a football game, and he couldn't believe she was into football, so after a minute or two he said to her, ok well i'll let you go so you can get to figuring out what football souviner (sp?) you want, the bobble head or the stadium. lololol!

then this morning, he was watching the movie annie with gracie, it was twords the end as they had watched the majority yesterday before bed, and annie was starting to sing again and he goes, gosh she sings like every 5 minutes! can't she act a little more and sing a little less! i said frankie, that's why it's called a musical, he goes, geesh!

ALSO on the Frankie front, he started taking these writing classes through a program at the highschool for the elementary kids. he completed his first assignment on the first day from the first day, and i must say, even if i am biased, i think it's pretty good!

ALL ABOUT ME by Frankie Toth age 11

I am Frankie Toth

I am creative and imaginary
I wonder about my future, and what God has in store for me
I hear the sound of the rainforest from the radio
I see my future unfold with every passing second
I want to save endangered species before they all disappear into death's grasp
I am creative and imaginary

I pretend I have eternal power and control of time and space continuum
I feel the mountain air on my face and the rocks under my feet
I touch the luxurious fur of the snow leopard with it's golden eyes and beautiful fur
I worry about my future and my family's fate in life
I cry at the sight of pain and despair and the misfortune of others
I am creative and imaginary

I understand that if we don't' change our ways, we will suffer a slow and painful death
I say that Jesus is the way the truth and the light and he is the only way to get to Heaven
I dream of what the future holds for us, as it slowly reveals itself as the days go by
I try to control myself when my sister gets on my nerves
I hope that I'll live long enough to see Jesus come to Earth and sweep us to Heaven

I am Frankie Toth

Saturday, October 3, 2009

just a quick update on the toth household

i was writing an email to a friend to update her on a few things around here and decided it would be good to post on here, as sorta a journal entry for years later to see what was going on. it's really not interesting so if you are not family you might want to skip this entry, but for our records i am posting/blogging it! lol

the kids and chris dug up some of the potatoes a couple of weekends ago now that alot of the garden is dead. we still have some pumpkins, watermelons and tomatoes still hanging in there, but i think once the pumpkins are all ripe i will till up the whole garden to prepare for next year, i would rather do that kind of work when the weather is cool than hot! lol the berry plants all seem to have started off really good this year, i am anxious to see how they produce next year as well as being able to harvest some of those huge rhubarb stalks that grew this year! checked on the new trees today as well and they seem to have taken off height wise. the grapes plants are not very big except the front corner one, it has really taken off. i dont know if the others aren't getting enough sun or not, will see what happens next year. i am ready to get out there and clean up this yard now that the weather is cooler and plan for next year.
frankie is getting over a bad case of bronchitis, has had alot of problems breathing. he just had pnemonia a few weeks ago! so i don't know what's going on with him.
gracie has not been doing too bad, knock on wood. her dry patches are starting to come back, but it happened after we reintroduced nailpolish on her nails again, so it may be she just will not ever be able to wear that. she is NOT happy about that, but I didn't design her skin! lol she has to take it up with God! lol
chris is in scottland til next friday. then he goes to kansas the following tues and then maybe to london for a few weeks in november, so i will be holding down the fort by myself for most of the next few months! lol i might actually get alot done! glad i precooked alot of those meals in the deep freeze.
went to the apple orchard today, got a 10lb bag to cut up and freeze and make some applesauce, and a 5lb bag for eating and maybe making a few carmel apples with. also bought a gallon of cider and some chicken rub! lol didn't expect to leave the APPLE orchard with chicken rub!!! lol
well got to get to work now if i plan to get anything done. but that is the story from la casa toth!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Never Enough

I was recently thinking, well, ok i was thinking TODAY, how much i say to my kids "it's never ENOUGH with you". Funny thing, God very often enlightens us to OUR behavior through children, doesn't He! I remember back through the years how i would think, if only we had this, if only we had that! and when i get this or that, sure enough, it's not how appreciative i am, (well i am for a short period of time) but "oooo, now if i only had this or if i only had that". i remember sitting in my sunday school class years ago as a teenager, and the teacher teaching on this very thing, and it has stuck with me and alot of times i try to refocus. but more often than not, it's back to this and that.

(btw this picture has nothing to do with this blog but i thought it was funny to look at )

for a long time now i have been facinated with old black and white movies. and i watch them (now i know it's still tv/movie land and not totally the same as real life back them) and think how simple things were back then, yet people seemed so much more happy and satisfied.

the question i find myself asking now is, why is it so hard to go back to that simpicity today, even when we want to. my answer.....the busy stuff addiction! it is stronger than any drug! yet we often find ourselves thinking, the latest and greatest invention to make life "easier" so wonderful! i mean i bought a stupid thing to pick up pet hair off the furniture, hello! what is wrong with the vaccum or some masking tape! or how about the carwash thing you hook your hose up to, umm when i was a kid WE were the thing you attached your hose to, to wash your car! how many different "wands" are out there to clean your toilet, what happened to using your yellow gloved covered hand....(ok i DO own a wand, BUT i can clean the inside of my toilet if i run out of the little sponges that attatch to it, if i had to! )
seriously, i realized how bad it was, when one day i ran out of crockpot liners, and thought oh no, now i can't fix that meal i wanted to.....hellllloooo! oh no, now i have to WASH the crockpot! lol if you have a bother, they have an answer, you don't need to try to come up with a solution out of what you have on hand, you can go to the store (hopefully atleast with a coupon) an buy the latest and greatest to solve all your cares! what we forget is how dependent we become or how it moves us farther and farther away from the relationships with other people. what happened to work frolics, what happened to, when 2 or more women would get together to visit, they would bring something they were working on from home to keep up on their work but yet be able to visit. what happened to teaching our kids some very simple yet practical things like sewing, or even burning trash!
i was lighting a candle the other day, and was using matches, and frankie was asking me how to light a match! picture my shocked face! here my 11 yr old (well it was a few weeks ago so he was 10 then, lol) sits and has no idea how to light a match, boy he would definetly not survive in the wilderness forget winning mama some money on survivor! lol but we always hear to teach kids not to play with matches and so i guess i never got around to teaching him how TO USE matches! lol it was funny, he was very hesitant, afraid he was going to burn his finger! and was so excited when he got it down! ofcourse he got the standard lecture on the safety of it all, but wow, what a wake up call. i have been so negligent in teaching my kids some of the very basic skills in life! so with that, i decided gracie was old enough to learn to sew, the basics for now anway. and frankie, well he gets to learn how to take out the trash and that generic trash bags are not very good, there are just some things that are worth the extra money, however, now that he knows how to light a match, maybe he can BURN some of that trash! lol ya, not really but it's an option! lol

as many of you know, we took the regular tv/cable out of our house, without all that crazy stuff they get engrossed in, they were able to discover, the beverly hillbillies, the three stooges, stuff they never would have taken the time to watch before. i hear frankie making noises from the three stooges and when corrected by his teacher for saying ain't he blammed it on too much beverly hillbilies! tonite he was enthralled with johnny carson! gracie is reading more now, and well, ok to be honest, other than that it hasn't changed her that much, lol, but she was not one to watch alot of tv anyway! lol

they learned how much fun doing a jigsaw puzzle is! when we went to conner prairie they discovered simple toys like a stick and wooden ring, and could have spent the afternoon playing with that! i believe we put too much on what we think we would have wanted as a kid on our kids and miss the simple things they would totally enjoy! we have never really taken a vacation, but the kids don't really ask either (other than holiday world) , they enjoy doing things around here, they get excited to go camping for the weekend, or fishing, or even bowling! miniture golf was too slow however, BUT just swimming in the backyard is pure joy! how many people joke how their kids play more with the box a toy comes in than the toy itself! we have cut down every year on the gifts they get for christmas and birthdays and guess what, they don't even miss all the stuff, in fact they get more excited than the year they came downstairs to find a room full of gifts, i will never forget how unexcited they were, that was the year we decided...ENOUGH!

i forget how capable kids are, until i read books on home life from the pioneer days or watch those old movies, just how much kids are able to do and want to do! what a diservice we do them in letting them take the easy way out with all the current technology. they need to know how to do things the old way and be self sufficient, we need to teach them about not using credit, how to save and budget, how to do basic home maintenance, and sewing (do you know how many people do not know how to sew a simple button on their clothes) and cooking and cleaning! no wonder the generation of now doesn't want to work, they have not been taught to!

i am not saying i will succeed at what i want to do, but i am sure gonna try. i want to teach my kids to have self help skills so they aren't one of the millions buying books and trying to figure it out. maybe they can be the ones writing the books! lol i think we need to get back to spending time to shape them into the people we want to have running this country when we are old. to be the ones to get this country out of debt and turn it around. some may say it's too late, it can never happen, but i say...."i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"...ok that may not be a perfect quote, but i am too lazy to get up and look it up, cuz i was not taught a good work ethic!!! especially this late at night!

just a thought.

Monday, September 21, 2009

season of life friends

first of all, i can't believe how much i have been blogging! blame it on my not wanting to post on FB anymore! lol so all my random thoughts end up on here! lol ok this morning my thoughts were on my BFF's through out the different season's of my life. they are as listed:

my little cousin Ashley = she is my BFF connection to my past, family and forever will be future. she is very wry, witty and funny! she is also the totally responsible adult i don't think anyone else in our family ever became! lol i love and adore her and she will forever be my little miss kitty!

next in line is my friend Debbie = she is my BFF/confidant/advice giver since high school. she has you look at all sides of the coin, she probably coined the term "save the drama for your mama" calm, collected, always ready to laugh at a situation rather than cry over it. plus she is my ideal for raising kids, she turned out 2 of the best ones i ever knew! she will always be the second mom (the one who i couldn't get in trouble with) who always had an answer for me.

then came along Lynette! = she is my, if i were in a pickle, she was probably right there in the same pickle BFF! we do tend to get ourselves into some messes! we want the same things in life, and we both have a tendency to put our foots in our mouths. she is the one you can look at and you both just burst out laughing cuz we've done the same thing! think susan meyer on desperate housewives! lol lynette is my "i've fallen and can't get up" friend, and if anyone can ever empathize it's her! lol i know if anyone would ever understand me and my predicaments, it's her! lol

a little after lynette came along, Christi better known as "Tee" came along! = she is my hallmark BFF. she is the one who lives up to what most think is not really attainable. if she wants to do something, she does it. no obstacle too large. you know when you read a card and think well no one can be that perfect in life, she is! she also is my, no matter how many miles, or how much time or how different our paths are, she will always be there friend, and our friendship never goes grey, meaning it never fades. we dont' have to talk daily to know what we mean to each other, we don't have to have everything in common to care for each other. she is the one who will never leave my heart no matter what! plus she has too much of my past in her head to allow me to let her stray too far! lol

after christi, i had a dry spell on BFF's, i had a couple that mascaraded as ones but didn't quite fit the bill, it takes alot to be able to put up with me, but my old friends got me through, until finally when frankie was in kindergarten/first grade! along came my Jenifer! = jenifer is my martha stuart BFF, she is my how to homemaker friend! lol we lead parallel lives, similar but not the exactly the same. she is the ethel to my lucy, the dianna to my anne, she is the one who i first had a major fight with, but yet continued to be there, i had never experienced that before! lol luckily we have not had that again, but it amazed me that it was possible! she is the one that helped me grow up a bit when it came to friends. she also is the one who when you want to complain will listen and agree even if your wrong, cuz that is what you needed at the time! she is the one who after my mom, i call. who we can laugh til' our stomachs hurt and then agree that was workout enough for the day! lol if i need to know how to do something, she knows how and she will do it well! really well! lol

then a few years after jenifer and my latest friend to come along is Barb = she is my get r done BFF! lol if you need the motivation to do something, you call barb! she not only gets r done, but in the most quick way you ever thought possible! she is another "achiever" in my list of friends. i am not sure if there is any task she can't undertake other than sitting idle. she has more energy than a toddler! she also is the most unconditional friend/person i have ever known. every time i think something will ruin our friendship, she just waves her hand like i just tooted or something and says, eh girl! that ain't gonna effect our friendship! i have never met anyone like her. the way she lets things roll off her back! she is the most forgiving person i know. she also reaches out to people in the most genuine way i have ever seen. and i mean everyone! it does not matter, who, or what you are. i feel so blessed that out of all the people she reaches out to, she held on to me so close! we may differ in views on things alot! lol but somehow she does not allow that to penetrate our friendship! i have never met anyone like her, oh wait, i already put that, but it is so true! and what i find most facinating about her, is she appears to be one thing but is actually not! and i mean that in a good way. she appears to be this strong, hard core cop, she seems like she would be woman's lib all the way! she is actually one of the most sensitive, soft, cry cuz YOUR crying, submits to her husband, christian women i have ever met! she is also the most complex friend i have ever had! lol she is the friend that when we are in our 80's she will be yelling, girl you don't need that walker! c'mon, it's slowing us down! and i say that cuz i know, she will still be there motivating me even then!

so these are the ladies from the different season's of my life. i am sure there will be more to come in the future. but i hope these ladies know, how they have touched my life, and left huge footprints (now i'm not saying you have big feet girls!) there that have changed and molded me and will last till i die or atleast until if i get alzheimers (sp?) lol

***one last note on the friends in my life. my mom, is not on here because she is my mom, she is in a class all her own, as you all know, i can not categorize her, because it would be like categorizing myself or my kids. she is me, she is a huge part of me, and she deserves a blog all of her own. but she was my first BFF and will be my last BFF, she is everyone wrapped up in one. but again, i will blog about her another day.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Working mom

so i was a working mom this weekend. i filled in for my mom at the model home she sits at on the weekends. let me tell you, it was a crazy weekend! i can now really appreciate NOT working outside of my home especially on the weekends! it started off sounding easy, even enjoyable! 6 hrs of quiet time to myself! HA! saturday, i had to go in a half hour early cuz i needed to leave a half hour early, to make a friends' daughter's wedding. well, i had gone in last weekend with my mom so she could show me what all i needed to do (which is not much, so i figured, eh no big deal i can handle this) and she said, "and you can always call me if you have any questions" . so i knew i needed to take some stuff to do, there was no computer, no phone (except my cell) and 6 hrs to kill. so i loaded my bag up with sewing, and reading and a microwave meal, and the present and wrapping paper to wrap said present for the wedding, needless to say, my hands were quite full! so i unlock the door, and head in.... i hear this beeping noise, like when you have an alarm system.....hmmmm, mom didn't say anything about an alarm, maybe it's just cuz the front door is open, so i go in, lay all my stuff down, shut the door.......hmmmm still beeping....that's weird......whoooo whoooo whoooo....alarm is going off! so i try to call mom to figure out what to answer! i tried calling the guy at the other answer! ughhh! so i tried calling mom answer! now the alarm is SCREAMING at this point! i tried my dad's cell phone.....thank the Lord for dads!!!....he answers and puts mom on (who had just happened at the time i was arriving to have been "indisposed" with out phone!) so she gives me the code, and is hollaring about who in the world turned the alarm on, she NEVER turns the alarm on (nor even told me about the alarm!). i get the alarm off, call the "boss man" at the other model, he says, "oh you should'nt have any problems, there is no phone line there so it's not hooked into the police dept so you shouldn't be having them come out, your fine"......ok fine, so i get situated, start wrapping the present, comes an older, and i mean older, man in what appears to be a police uniform, i say appears to be cuz i was not sure if it was or if it was a "security" officer uniform. so i tell him what happened, and he looks at me like i'm a ghost and he can see right through me (ie. he's not all there) and says well if you have a key to the front door i'll get out of your way. so i showed him and as he leaves, shuffling his feet out the dooor, cuz he evidently does not have the energy or strength to lift his feet, (which i must say some days i feel that way but i am like 50 yrs younger than him!) so it's a good thing i was not a theif he needed to chase! whew, ok, so i'm thinking i'm good to go now.
well i get some squares cut out of a shirt (for a quilt) and get some reading done, and i am ready to heat up that meal, ya, i forgot to pack anything to eat the meal with! so i call chris, just hoping for a fork to be brought up, no such luck, he wants to be NICE and bring me lunch along with the kids, who i am on edge about messing up anything in that house! so finally i get them gone, after we all eat lunch, then i read a bit more and realize i really need to bring more to do the next day. the kids call and ask when i am coming home about 10 times. then i talk to mom for awhile on the phone then at 4:30 a young family come in. now i mean young, she is 22 with 3 kids, 3 yrs, 21 months and a baby in a carrier! i ended up talking to them for the next hour, while the kids ran all around, banging on things, pulling down things, breaking a thing, grabbing things! ahhhh! (and i was worried about MY kids leaving crumbs from lunch!) finally i let them know i got to get out of there. so they leave, i run and pick up the family, now i know on the wedding invitation, it said 6pm. however i did not look at the directions which said "starts promptly at 6" so we get there a few minutes after 6 and the bride is walking down the isle! and we slide into the last table available and try to not look frazzled! leave there early so we can get home (where i desperately needed to use the little girls room cuz i didn't want to go at the model) and then leave to pick up my nephew who was staying the night! ok so that was day one of being a working mom! day 2 was much less eventful, but i have decided my place is in the home.....MY home! i will never complain about being busy and crazy at home, i may state the fact but i will not complain, i will love and enjoy the fact i am at home!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

my boy is home!

well he had a great time! flat rock was a huge success except for the fact he didn't get to see the animals! lol he did have a hard time sleeping it sounds, which is why once we got home he fell asleep and stayed asleep all night! when we went to pick them up, i told my friend jenifer, i can't wait to hug him and hold him in my arms again! and she said i probably shouldn't do that in front of his friends, but i told her, for now, luckily he does not mind, and sure enough as soon as he saw me he ran into my arms! i will take what i can get for as long as i can get it! then as i look at him, i start to say "i told you that is an undershirt, you are only to wear it with your pajamas" but i only go to the undershirt part and look down and sure enough he is still wearing his pajamas at 2 o'clock in the afternoon!!! i said why are you wearing your pajamas? he shrugged and said, they never told us to change! (wide eyes here) are you kidding me! you are in the 5th grade and you have to be told to change out of your pajamas and into regular clothes for the day!!!! you have got to be kidding me! lol but the last laugh was on him! i took him to steak and shake to get a milkshake and let him tell me about the trip while killing time before we had to pick up gracie and he goes "we're going in?!!!" i said yup! guess your wishing now you had changed out of those pj's huh! lol so he zipped up his jacket and away we went, he was not going to let his attire stop him from getting a milkshake!
so i asked about the night hike, he said ms. mckenzie started yelling out like a crazy lady! she SAID she was making the sounds of owls and that if we ever hear what we think is a crazy guy in the woods it is probably an owl. but it freaked me out and i didn't want to go on until mrs. curtis promised she wouldn't be yelling out like that anymore!

so while frankie was gone, chris was gone AND my mom was gone, i decided to do something special with gracie. so yesterday after school i took her out to eat, she chose moe's which was good since kids eat free after 5 on wed! then we went to the christmas shoppe, cuz we hadn't been there yet. we picked up a few things there, including a dog calendar that have funny pics in black and white which we are going to frame some and use for decorations in her "doggy themed" room. then we went to Jo-Anne fabrics. we wanted to find a simple easy project for her to do so i can start teaching her to sew. the ladies there recommended a pillowcase, which i thought sounded great, so she picked out some material and ribbon. the lady cutting the fabric said her kids all learned to sew making pillow cases and that they ended up making one for every holiday and then for their friends! i thought that was an excellent idea! gracie is very excited about it. then we came home and she showered and we climbed in bed and watched cheaper by the dozen (the original) and went to sleep. we had a really good time, however she was not pleased when she got up this morning, her day of spoiling was over and her brother was coming back home. so she too had a hard day, but she did do better than i tought she would.

i am so thankful and grateful to God for blessing me with my kids. i have always wanted to be a stay at home mom and while i have many areas with that, that can stand improving, i am very pleased with my kids overall. they love their family, they even love each other, and especially they love their God. so though i may complain about things at time, and can easily focus on the bad instead of the good, if i lost everything and everyone in my life but my family and my God, i think i would still have life pretty good!

BAD friends

i wish when we became friends with someone, there was a warning label on ones who just want to be friends when you are perfect in their eyes and when you can do things for them. then you could just avoid them and avoid alot of the hurt they would bring you in the future. and in contrast, there could be a sign on others that say, there for the good and bad, for when you agree and disagree, when you can help them and they can help you, to share in your joys and your sorrows, to lift you up when your down, to allow you to lift them up when they are down, and to celebrate the good things that happen instead of resenting you for them and for you to rejoice in their good fortune as well. and then there are some friends even that would maybe say, friendship better with age, meaning you will appreciate and enjoy them better when you are older! lol thank goodness, i have had more of the latter in my life, but it sure doesn't take the sting out of the effects of the before mentioned. but thankfully, when i get stung i have many of the good friends there, to catch me, heal me and pick me back up! i thank God most of all for being the model of the good friend! now if i can just keep my eyes on HIM instead of the warning labels, maybe i could build an immunity to the ones with warning labels!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

good friends!

thanks to jill, i now know how to upload pics and am able to give my blog a new name, not very original, but who knows what it may change to! so now if i could just take pics as good as jill, we all could be happy! lol i am thinking....always scary, (no comment from the peanut gallery about that, we already know), i may go back through old pics and pick out fun ones so i can post with the stories. the date of the posting may not be accurate but the memories will be there just the same! who needs to scrapbook when you can blog! wait did i say that, well yes, cuz then i don't have to worry about the blog being lost in a fire or tornado! however i have a feeling i will continue to scrapbook when i get the chance, but like cara said, atleast i will have a timeline reference! AND that is why i need to be on here more! lol good thing reading a blog is optional! blame jill, her blog inspired me, & blame jenifer, she showed me the blog thing to begin with! blame cara and lynette for anything you want. i'm sure there was something in there to blame them for! lol

Monday, September 14, 2009

Doctors and Moles!

ok, so i think (i probably should have reread the last post) i told how frankie had pnemonia last week, pretty sure i did. well, he had a hard time breathing this morning and he finished the antibiotic yesterday, so back we went to the dr who was running an hour behind. (i'll tell you the conclusion now, we had to go get an xray cuz he couldn't hear anything and didn't know why he had a hard time breathing, we will get results tommorow) BTW, i forgot to put on my last post, frankie had been hacking and coughing up phlem forever before we went to the dr. So when we got there and they went to weigh him, he informed the nurse, "i might weigh slightly more due to all this phlem i have built up in here" lol.
well while waiting in the room, frankie notices the thing on the wall with all the medical brochures on all kinds of issues! lol so the nurse came in, ....question time! he wanted to know what osteoporosis (sp?) was and she said it's when your bones start to disengrate, well he wanted to know is it because of something in your blood, or what, well she couldn't answer, so then he wanted to know what acid reflux was, but before she finished he said "oh is that just a medical word for heart burn?" then onto depression, "well if depression is a mental problem, how can it effect you physically"....she looked at me and i said, "try to walk, not run, out of the room when your done, and please don't tell the dr frankie is on a quizitive streak, or he may take longer to get in here" lol but truthfully, dr miller loves to indulge frankie and does not leave the room until frankie had asked all his questions and dr miller has answered them to the satisfaction of frank! even on a day when he is running an hour behind! we have an awesome dr!

now onto the mole! earlier in the year (btw this part is probably not for the weak at stomach) i had been gardening and i look over and hunter is tossing a mole up in the hair, letting it fall then doing it again, (never said he was the smartest dog, but he is the sweetest). well i went over with the garden fork thingy, and picked it up and slammed it against some rocks to kill it and threw it in the neighbors field, (don't have sympathy for something that tears up my yard and makes me twist an akle just walking through it! ) so i had told the kids about it. gracie is starting to worry me with the humor she finds in these things! lol, anyway, so gracie and i are cleaning out the van today, and frankie (who walked outside wearing his daddy's shoes) starts hollaring for us. finally here he comes, saying hunter caught another mole! and frankie, is carrying it inside his dad's shoe! (now mind you i have chris on the phone and did inform him of what was in his shoe) chris said to tell him to put it down, cuz the thing could bite him and give him rabies! so i take the shoe from him, and the thing starts to climb out, so i throw it on the gravel driveway, and step on the shoe which is now over the mole. obviously i did not do a good job cuz it just starts to crawl away when i remove the shoe. the kids are watching it, frankie has it named reggie, i am trying to kick it over to the neighbors side, and then gracie picks up a huge rock and asks if she can throw it on it, (she remembered what i had told her about the one in the spring) so i said i don't care! well frankie had a cow, but she did it anyway. she kept doing it and the thing just kept crawling, well she evidently got it's leg good and it was bleeding, frankie freaked and yelled it's bleeding and gracie got all upset, i said grace! seriously what did you think was going to happen when you throw a big rock on it! i said we need to finish it so it doesn't suffer! now the girl who wanted to throw a rock on it has a conscience since she sees blood and wants to take it to the vet and is crying! ughhh! i sent them inside finished it off and threw it in the trash! all this is happening on 3 hrs of sleep! i am ready for bed and it's not even 8 pm! forget the calgon, just give me a bed!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Facebook and all that!

ok, so i had decided i make too much of a fool of myself in front of too many people on facebook, i really should just concentrate on my blog and stay off of facebook so much. good idea you may say, EXCEPT then i go to my friend jill's blog. it is magazine worthy! and i have a plain as you can be, boring, don't even know how to put pictures on here blog! so the debate continues. however i do like the idea of writing down the funny (to me anyway) things my kids say.
change of subject, we had friends over for game night last friday, my friend brought a "pokey hole cake" now my mom had made this before when i was younger, it was great, i tried to make it, figured you just bake a cake poke some holes in it, pour the pudding wham, pokey hole cake! well once again i failed! it was a soggy mess! so when sue brought hers, it was delicious, (the fact that i am still obsessed with this cake a week later, shows how good it was and the fact i am too obsessed with sweets!) so i made her write down the step by step directions! evidently i left out a couple steps that make all the difference in the world! so i am attempting to make one for the family tonite, if frankie likes it i am hoping to make one for his birthday in 2 weeks. only due to his love of mint chocolate, i will make a chocolate cake with chocolate mint pudding on top!! wish me luck!
ok the one consolation to no pics is i feel i can go on longer! lol last week gracie was home for 3 days from school due to her allergy skin testing. where they put strips on her back and she couldn't sweat, get hot, or get wet for 48 hrs, so....3 days.....home ....all day.....can't even ask her to clean her room......tape comes off, ......NOTHING! so we still don't even know what her skin is reacting too! THEN this week, frankie had been coughing his lungs out and so i finally took him in to the dr......PNEMONIA! AGAIN! so he was home for 3 days this week! i am ready for peace and quiet next week. chris will be gone to texas for work, mom and dad are going to michigan, and even frankie will be gone 2 days on an overnight fieldtrip for school! ahhh gracie better not get sick! lol

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Everything else update

ok, now that i have updated on my garden what not to do, i will update everything else, not that anyone but me really reads this, my official record will be up to date!

my father in law passed away this summer. we were able to get there right before he died. i was concerned about how my kids would do seeing him. i was torn between feeling they needed their last memories to be of how he used to be vs seeing him one last time to say goodbye. i think frankie did great, he was not scared at all. my father in law did not look anything like himself, and was not even really conscience for more than about 20 sec at a time, but frankie stayed by his side, patted his hand and and head and was able to get him to open his mouth for his meds. gracie was very quiet, she did not say a hole lot. then at the funeral, frankie again patted his head and straightened his tie when we went up to the casket to say our final goodbyes. both kids lost it when chris lost it. then when we walked away frankie said he thought he was gonna be sick so i rushed him out of there. other than that, both kids did remarkably well. they also did well considering being stuck in a hotel room for most of the 10 days we were there. also had to move 3 times to 3 different hotels. but their uncle frank and aunt carol were great and two of the days, took them out to do something fun. frankie impressed them with his knowledge of the names of the different flowers. gracie blessed them with her non stop chatter! lol and her inability to keep a secret even if it meant she did not get ice cream two days in a row! lol

we got back in time to get ready for school. both kids leave at the same time this year which is a huge blessing. i am already hearing frankie stories from people at school. i was informed he has been made the official "information specialist" in his class, he said he was so excited to finally get to share all the information he had stored up in his head! the latest story at this time, is that frankie felt it necessary to tell his class about the mating rituals of sea slugs! how, because they have both male and femail parts, it is not a lovey dovey, gooey, kissy get together, it is more like "ding ding ding" a boxing match, at which time his teacher had to stop him! lol
Gracie, she was nervous, not only did she get a new teacher, who was not only new to her but new to the school, but she also had a classmate from last year again, that had caused alot of drama the year before. so we have been working on figuring out why God has put her in her class again and discussing how to avoid the drama this year. she started out very unsure, but has quickly adjusted and has a much better attitude, which i think is due to alot of prayer!!!

gracie, had new struggles this year with her allergies. she had been breaking out on her face where her skin would peel and flake off and it kept spreading, first abover her eyes, then her forehead and her nose and mouth and chin. she is scheduled to go for topical skin testing at the dermatologist next month, but for now she can not wear jewelry, fingernail polish, use baby shampoo or hand sanitizer. other than that mess on her face, the rest of her skin has had a very mild summer, which has been a blessing.

frankie tried taking alto sax lessons, however he did not enjoy it at all, and said it hurt his neck and hands, so luckily he decided during the trial period so we did not have to buy the sax at all. so he has decided to take piano lessons, we bought him a nice keyboard (until we know he is going to stick with it) and he starts lessons in sept. he also got a new fish tank and fish, we have lost 2 out of the 4, will wait and see if they last a month before we will buy new ones. however, i find the names he chose for them interesting......pine, oak, hickory and maple! ???? i don't even begin to try to figure out his mind.

while in ohio, and drastically trying to find things to entertain the kids, we pulled up some of comedian/ventriliquest jeff dunham episodes. "walter", "achmad (sp?) the dead terrorist" and "jalepeno' on a steek" being some of the favorites. we have laughed and laughed over those things for so long, they are becoming a running joke around here. so when we took the kids to the fair, we got a good laugh when gracie said "look mom! a hot dog on a steeeek!" lol you have to hear the sketch to get how funny that was! lol also at the fair (which yes we did take them out of school to go to, cuz they start school before the fair even begins!!) we discovered gracie is quite the little tool lady! she was excellent at using an electric screwdriver, totally impressed the carpenters there showing the kids how to do it. she also was able to hammer together a little metal toolbox pretty good. frankie did one side as well....but the men there told chris he ought to nurture her talent in that area. we also encountered silly safari there. the kids were able to really participate which was great! however they did not ride the rides, they were way expensive so we bribed them with new webkinz and ice cream to avoid that money trap! worked well for me too as when we got their webkinz, i picked out a new candle! whoo hoo! ok i think this is enough for now, i need to get better about posting on here so the kids will have a better record. i admire my granny, she kept a daily diary for just about every day from the time she was a senior in high school. i need to be better so they will see how funny they were, and the lessons we all learned through their growing up years. that is my goal for this blog, whether anyone else reads it or not. i know the kids will when they are older.

What NOT to do when gardening

Things i have learned from my first year of gardening!
i have learned alot this year on what NOT to do and what NEEDS to be done next year! lol but thanks to all the praying i did, God still saw fit to allow me a pretty good bounty. i have been sharing with family and friends. did not have enough of greenbeans to can, but have had enough for a couple of meals, def did not plant enough corn, but have been able to have an ear or two for each of us at a couple meals, and boy is it good!!! will def plant lots of that next year!

tomatoes....learned an important lesson, just because they have so much room when they are small does not mean you can ignore the rules of how far apart to put them! lol AND you need to really cage them! little green thin bamboo sticks can not be considered staking however! we have finally got them ripening up and have been blessed enough to share with lots of others, and i learned i do not need so many cherry tomatoe plants! lol

i learned i need to learn recipes and the "how to" on canning BEFORE the harvest comes in

my potatoes, well let's just say, ya, ummmm i don't know, but i think next year i will keep adding dirt on them and have a seperate garden (with out grass!) for them. in fact we learned from connor prairie to give each vegetable it's own little square patch of several rows, that seemed nice. but i never got but the one bloom on the potatoes but tonya told me it would be ok to go ahead and dig them up, not sure what i will discover but i am thinking i will not be needing all the storage room i thought for my potatoes, & glass jars full of freshly canned veggies etc... so we have longer to plan the root cellar idea! lol

i have had tremendous luck with zucchini, and pumpkins. seriously, chris calls zucchini the herpes of the vegetable garden (don't know if that was appropriate to type but that is what he said) (& ya, i learned i really need to hold off from planting the pumpkins too early and that they spread realllllllly far! lol ) but i have shredded and frozen lots of zucchini and made so much zucchini bread i dream about making it in my sleep. now i plan to cook and freeze the pumpkin to use later in pies and bread.

i also learned i need taller poles for my pole beans

also i need to plant the peas with everything else so i don't forget about them (what a sad day that was, have you ever heard the whimper from a pea garden that was neglected and forgotten? well neither have i but i am sure they were)

that cucumbers spread as much as pumpkin vines do, that green peppers for that reason, should not be planted so close to cucumbers, that cucumbers can for some odd reason not get any longer than a few inches yet plump out as wide as a regular cucumber, now that is a site to see!! but lots of others did fine.

that cantelope can go bad before it ripens

AND that you can not leave carrots in the ground as long as you think or they will turn bitter!

so i basically can write a book on what NOT to do now! lol but i have high hopes for next year! AND i know to fertilize the stuff early on AND not to leave grass between rows AND we are going to make our ground ready this year so that there is not so much work next year! as we will be busy with our chickens you know!
lol hopefully next year i will have alot of berries on my strawberry plants, raspberry plants, and blackberry plants, AND will be able to harvest some of my rhubarb, ANd will know to spray the apple and pear tree out front early on. whew,
ok i think that is a good update, what do you think? i think because when i was praying all along, i had promised God that if he allowed me to have a bountiful garden (no matter what mistakes i made, and boy did i) i promised to share with others and i have worked hard to keep that promise, & he has continued to bless with a continued bounty! now the problem is stretching it out so everyone gets a little.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

working out

ok, so i started working out "regularly" at the YMCA this week. today is thursday, my arms are shaky even to hold the phone to my ear...i ache all over....i am tired in the middle of the day, i thought working out and getting healthy was supposed to make you feel! in other news, gracie caught her mom in a breach of protocol. i have been on her lately about not inviting herself over to people's houses. well since we had to cancel her birthday party...twice! due to illness, my friend jenifer said she was going to bring gracie's present over to her. well i needed to go out anyway, so i figured i would save her from having to get out and i said to her "well would you just like us to stop by there instead" and gracie yelled "mom you said we aren't supposed to invite ourselves over to freinds' houses! " how do you explain that and one other topic....journaling. in an effort to improve things around here, i have been reading up on several different projects, one, raised bed, squarefoot gardening, two the possiblilty of raising chickens, three getting and keeping my house organized, obviously if i am going to be working out i need to learn more about nurtrition, saving money, and ofcourse, i am continuing my quest to grow more spiritually with my discipilship program. Here is what i have discovered, journals! journals, journals. you are supposed to keep a gardening journal, a food journa, an excersise journal, a housekeeping journal, a daily in the word journal, a journal of prices at the store which store, and what, where and when, a chicken journal (well actually they haven't said that yet but i am sure it is in one of the books i have gotten) so tell me while i am spending all this time writing, when am i supposed to find time to garden, feed the chickens, go shopping, feed myself, work out and clean my house, oh and read the bible? on top of everything else....hmmmm any ideas? i guess if i forgo sleep.....

Friday, February 20, 2009

trip to the dr.s' office

ok so a trip the doctors office with frankie usually ends in a good frankie story. he did not fail me today. the dr said he thinks he strained his abdominal wall / lining with all the hacking he's been doing. and that if he takes it easy for the next week he should feel better. so frankie asked "sooo what do you think about school, should i stay home and take it easy?" and he asked if he meant for the next week or today and frankie said both, and he goes, well you should be able to go to school next week, but you could stay home the rest of today, and i said, well wait a minute before you say that, you need to know he stayed home mon and tues already, and the doctor said well doesn't he get out in like an hour and i said oh no, 3:40! and he goes, ooohhhh well then you can go back to school! and frankie goes "oh mom! why did you have to tell him that!" and i said well he needs all the facts before making a diagnosis, isn't that what you said last time, and he goes "all the medical facts, not school facts! lol
also another funny, which may be tmi, but the nurse asked when he last pooped and frankie started to answer, stopped and goes "oh wait, ooohhh! you mean a GOOD poop? wednesday, ya, yesterday was just pellets"

Monday, February 16, 2009

old blogs from my myspace

thought since i actually have blogged in the past, but on myspace, i would transfer them onto here.

August 17, 2008 - Sunday
Savings Bonds
ok, so my kids get savings bonds every year from their grandparents. i know they can't appreciate them now, but those things are how i bought my first 3, yes THREE cars! so i am pleased they get them. fast forward to this week. and by the way, we found a wonderful home for the one beagle and have decided to give the other one a whirl with being just one. ok back on track to the story now. so we went to uncle bill's pet shop to try to find the "pet i cure" thing that files their nails as i am a big wus when it comes to trimming dogs nails, evidently this time we can't find a "as seen on tv" place that has one. so anyway, once again i digress (however you spell it) so we walk in and the kids immediately see this gorgeous brown little dachshund puppy! i immediately fall in love, and ask how much it was (which could lead to a whole other blog) and she said $699. woah! so the kids are begging and i said i do not have $700 to spend on a dog! well they are still whining and so chris and i said ok, you save up half and we will match it, knowing they will never save that up. so they come home and gracie is getting out her money and have her savings bond papers, and said look mom i got it, i said no honey you have to be 18 to cash those, to which she replied, well that doesn't do me any good now! why did we have to get these stupid things! i told her she would appreciate them when she was 18. so fast forward, my mom was taking me and my husband out to eat that night and my friend barb was taking the kids for us, (ok i promise the part you've been waiting for is finally coming) and she leaves with them and calls me back and says so the kids were telling me a bout the dog and about the savings bonds and she said the kids asked her since she was over 18 if she would cash them for them! guess i should have specified THEY needed to be 18 not anyone over 18! ok if you didn't find this funny then i spent too much time leading up to it cuz it was extremely funny when it happened!

July 26, 2008 - Saturday
spin the flip flop
ok i was not sure i was gonna post this, but frankly i want record of it before i forget. so we had some friends over one night and so did the kids. the kids had been outside playing when frankie comes in and declares " i just experienced something that i didn't think would happen until i was 12!!!" to which we all hesitantly replied "and just what was that!" he said " i just got my first kiss!" we said by who and he named the two little girls who were over visiting.well upon further investigation later, it turned out they were playing a version of spin the bottle only it was spin the flip flop! (you use what you got on hand i guess!) whoever the flip flop lands on, you ask a truth or dare question, and it landed on one of the girls and they answered yes they liked him and he said proove it! so she kissed him on the cheek (they are only 10 you know!) and evidently he did the same to the other girl. well needless to say they are not longer allowed to play that game again!

July 26, 2008 - Saturday
Not so sweet anymore
ya, ok so the dogs....not so sweet anymore. i am soooo over the dogs, just like i was over the fish, the hamster, the 2 different bunnies, the 2 kittens, the two batches of sea monkeys, the few plants i tried to grow and now to add to the list the two beagles!!! i think it is quite apparent i was not meant to have anything but children, and sometimes i question God's decision that i am capable for that!

April 15, 2008 - Tuesday
New Arrivals
They're heeeerrrreeee!so we went to the martinsville humane society to get one dog and came home with two. Both beagles, one male, 7 months old named Hunter and one female 1 1/2 yr old named daisy! both are the sweetest things and so far we are not having allergic reactions, so keep your fingers crossed......i am sure they will make for several funny blogs later.

March 25, 2008 - Tuesday
presidential canidate? maybe just a speech writer
here is frankie’s latest writing project, not for goodreasons though, i don’t know all the details but evidently his class was not well behaved. so they all had to write a letter to the class. however frankie did it with the usual frankie flair (i think that could be a new kind of description!) "Dear Classmates, I will make sure the last two months of school will be the best by not being so grumpy like I am, be respectful, be responsible, be kind , follow directions, active listening, won’t talk out loud, partisapate, and be safe,. I will not be snappy to Lucus, and I won’t boss people around . Also, instead of growling at people when I’m mad, I will say"please stop". I’ll make sure that this class, Room 18 will be a safe, kind, and caring classroom and watch and lean Mrs. May with respect. If I, Frankie, can’t do that, then you can call me a monkey’s uncle. I will not fail you, fellow classmates. I repeat, I will not fail you. you’re fellow classmate, Frankie Toth(Christopher) "

March 25, 2008 - Tuesday
A daughter’s love
have to put a gracie story in here, she can be sooo sweet! i had an awful part of the day sunday right before going in to evening services, in fact i went late, and took gracie with me. i had been crying and she was coloring sitting next to me and handed me a folded paper, that said "mom i love you, this is a book mark for your Bible, God is with you, Jeses is with you"
I was so proud of her and it brought so much peace to me! talk about the little children leading the way!

March 12, 2008 - Wednesday
if i had a million dollars
Frankie's subject for his latest written report: if i had a million dollars. "One day I was getting the mail, I saw a decorated letter that said, "congratulations". when i opened the card, balloons of all colers flew out of the card. Confedy shooting at my back. It's like a party in a 12 in by 11 in card! "congratulations", said a voice, "you've just won a million dollars!" Then at the same secont, as I closed the card, I knew what I wanted to buy. I spend half of it, saved the other half, and donate 10% of it to my church., Capital city Baptist. I went to the pet store, Taco Bell, Indianapolis Zoo, Toys r Us, and Italy. I was a mixer of wise and not so wise. I bought a chucuaca (chihuahua), a minicher pincher, a guatar, drums, skate board, suvenirs, and other guy stuff. Then, as all things couldn't get any better, there was the bill, and from then on, my life was misrible.***as spelled by frankie"

February 19, 2008 - Tuesday
my valentine!
i just found the valentine frankie made me for V-Day, he left it for me to find.:

Here is my valentine with eyes of blueish gray,
Cuter than a chihuahua Ole'!
Sweet as ice cream with love and care
If I loose you, i'll be in despair!
From your favorite (and only) son

February 13, 2008 - Wednesday
He just may be
so you never know what frankie stories i'm gonna get from other people. his sunday school teacher informed me that last sunday, she told them they were gonna sing God is so good, to which frankie's reply was, "well he may very well be so good, but i really don't want to sing that" what's a mother to do?

January 9, 2008 - Wednesday
Frankie’s poem
Twas the fright before christmas

Twas the night before christmas at the old witch's house, not a creature was stirring, not even a weremouse.
the witch was asleep in her old creecky bed, though people think that she is dead
the dragon was snoring with firey flames, and the bedhead was in it's dreams.
but soemthing rare that's happening tonite, the hiebernating bats are going to sing "Jingle bell fright"!
it's song can be heard through out the two worlds, or be heard by heibernating squirells,.
so that's all at thee old witch's house and everyone was asleep, even the hibernating weremouse

December 29, 2007 - Saturday
dieting gone too far
ok i usually am posting funny things frankie has done or said, but this one is for my darling daughter. it actually happened before christmas, but just now getting around to putting it on here. from about october till christmas (go figure) we were making an extreme effort in eating healthier (which i plan to go back to after the new year, but lets get honest, not gonna happen over christmas) which meant no real junk food in the house that whole time. i was doing fine, but i realized what a struggle it had been for the kids when gracie's christmas list looked like this....1) nail polish 2)make up 3) chips
atleast it wasnt' chocolate!!!

December 23, 2007 - Sunday
you want me to do what?!
so frankie had a doctor appt, and during this visit, he was asked "do you think you can pee in a cup for me?" to which he laughingly replied "why do you want me to pee in a cup?" she told him so she could look at it to which he again laughed and said "ewww your gross"!!!

November 17, 2007 - Saturday
working moms
ok i just have to say a quick hats off to working moms! i do not know how you do it! i have only been working for almost 2 months and am struggling to get it all done! my brain has reached capacity, it keeps rejecting new info saying it has reached maximum capacity, where can i buy more memory for my brain! and when in the world are you supposed to find time to grocery shop and do laundry! are you kidding me! and i am just working 30 hrs a week, i can't imagine what it is like for those who work 40+!!!
i think it is kinda like parents of one child. they think things are so crazy until they have that second kid and think, my word, i had all the time in the world when i just had one! well i thought things were crazy when i stayed at home, now i think, my word i had all the time in the world to get stuff done then! what was the problem?! oh that's right i had no money to do anything!!!

October 12, 2007 - Friday
out of the mouths of babes
so tell me what YOU would do. my children wanted to ride bikes in the church parking lot next door again, you would think i would learn to just not let them go over there anymore as it usually ends in something i have to write on here! which by the way i do this so i will be better about keeping records to which bring up later and embarrass them. anyway, i digress, i went over too to get some walking in. there was a car there (i forgot it was visitation night) and one of the ladies from church was in there either resting or reading, not sure what but had her window down. frankie kept riding by looking in there. well another church member came into the parking lot and waved me over so i went and we were talking. frankie takes this opportunity to slowly ride by the lady in the car and yell out loud " hey, the ol' hag is sleeping in there!" how many ways can YOU spell mortified!!! cuz i was thinking of quite a few at that moment, i yell at him and he goes "what? she is!" ok first i dont' know where he even heard the word "hag" i can think of some other words he may have heard from some people's mouths, but hag? so needless to say he was made to appologize at church sunday morning which he was terrified to do, but she was luckily very sweet about it and told him she forgave him. i think there was a flaw in God's design, he should not have given children voices until they are 18!!!

October 5, 2007 - Friday
tall tales
my darling little girl, ya right. so our church has an annual cook out/ hay ride, all around fall fun night once a year. we always put the glow sticks on our kids so we can find them whenever we need to. gracie was wearing a red and white top so i said why don't you wear the red glow stick tonite so you can match your shirt, she said, enthusiasticly ok!, so later when the pastor came around talking to us, he said what color do you have gracie, she said "i picked red for jesus' blood". little fibber! and right to pastor! but she would make a good politician, look out it's a little hillary in the making!!! saying what she thinks people want to hear!!! we better get the holy spirit in her quick!!! someone get a baptismal! seriously, pray for the child!

October 3, 2007 - Wednesday
you found what!
ok, so i let the kids play next door in the church parking lot while i fixed dinner the other night. gracie runs back in the house and back out again. i call them home for dinner and they run in faces all aglow, prouder than peacocks! guess what we found!!! they hold up a ziplock bag. i look at this thing inside it, i am trying to figure out what in the world was in this bag and as i look closer at this flat, grey/black thing, i see a little foot and long tail. yup, it was a dead smooshed mouse! so i said "did you touch this?" to which frankie said, just it's foot. i was like go wash your hands with lots of soap. i through the bag in the trash, later my daughter goes in the trash and takes it out, i said what are you doing, to which her reply was that she was taking it in to school for show and tell! i said no, not gonna happen, she keeps walking screaming that i don't care anything about her!! ya, that's a first grade girl, what happens when she is in middle school!! finally i convinced her (after a good idea from my friend kara) that if she took it to school, they would call the health dept on us, to which she finally agreed on the condition that we take a picture of it for her to take into school. then she asked if we could keep it so i said no it has diseases, but she can keep the picture!

September 17, 2007 - Monday
written by frankie Current mood: ditzy
ok the asignment was a writing activity, don't know if they picked their own topic, i am assuming they did. also, this is typed with the exact spelling he used to! pretty funny, this one will definetly go in the memory box, if not the scrapbook album.

"My Favorite Foods"

My favorite foods are tacos and taco saled. The kind of tacos that I like are the chicken and beef tacos which are the original one (but I don't like them with hard shells). The only kind of taco saled I like is the original one. It taste so delicios it makes my taste buns dance like a mirical has happended. But, if you put hotsause on both taco and tacosaled, you'r taste buns would probbly be on fire. The reasone why I like tacos and taco saled is because when I first try those two, it tasted awesome. Like I said before, it tasted so good, it makes my taste bun dance. Here are the top 3 taco and tacosaled makers in my book. My mom, the Taco Bell's staff, and the Wendy's staff. If you touch it (with clean fingers) it feels wet because of the sause on it, but when you just got it, it feels veary hot, like the oven. It looks like tacos mix in with a saled and sometimes chilly mix-up in one. When I want to eat it is 247 (that means 24 hours a day 7 days a week). Where I want to eat it is a Wendy's, Taco Bell, and at home, but theirs more places where I like to eat it. And I can give you a clue or two to who doesn't like both tacos and taco saled. It's a she, Her name starts with a G and her name ryms with lacie. You guessed it. It's my sister, Gracie! EVER sanse I like tacos and tacossaled, she started hating tacos and tacosaled. NOW, sanse gave you my two favorite food that I like, it's time to go and I'll see you on my next draft.
Bie bie.

this blog thing

ok i love reading what my friends are doing so i can keep up when i have time. i also want to be better about journaling what my kids do and say, i wish i started this along time ago so i could have written down alot more, as they can be pretty funny especially looking back later. i do not pretend to be smart or interesting, i am doing this for me and my family, so if you find it boring don't read it. i am sure some things will be good and others just for documentation purposes! lol. so this is the first one. i will state in this blog that my kids are defective, they are always breaking. i have spent the last three weeks, yes three, pretty much a month's time dealing with something on my daughter, the first was a spranged wrist, the next week she had a rash head to toe and a fever of 101 then this past weekend started with her having to be picked up at school as she had the stomach flu. we had to reschedule her birthday party to this past weekend and then she not only missed the v-day party at school but had to cancel her b-day party for the second time. poor baby. ok not an interesting or uplifting blog, but neither has the last few weeks been. i will use more time to write next time, when i don't have work to do, cool lots to cut out, crayon rolls needing to be sewn, groceries to put away, pictures to be taken and things to be sold. oh ya and webkinz to play.....heehee!

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