Friday, February 4, 2011

Ice Storm Positives

We started Thursday planning for the kids to do a full day of homeschool, but then Chris needed me to help him with the cars outside. Well he thought we would need the kids help, so they came out. We decided to let the defrost in the car run instead of chancing busting our windshields by pounding on it, but we didn't want to go back in the house with the cars running. Not for fear of someone stealing them, cuz, well, you couldn't get the cars out of the driveway due to the ice, but incase the engine quit or something. While we waited, we noticed how slick the pathway to the parking lot next door was. I aslo remembered the kids sled sitting out on the back porch.....well, even though i am not good at math, i do know that 1+1= ALOT of fun! So we turned having a ton of ice everywhere into a wonderful fun day, full of memories. Some friends came over, and even the youth pastor working at the church next door had to give it a whirl! We figured school can be done any day, it's not everyday you have an iceskating rink in your front yard!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Yesterday we got the second ice storm in 2 days. Today it's snowing a little bit. God is so good to give us a change and variety in weather. I am also thankful he gave us power as the lights just flickered a bit last night and that was it.
This is a tree in the front yard, whose branches are almost touching the ground.

This is the side of the front yard, as you can see, ice has attatched itself to everything!

You can see the church parking lot next door is a perfect sheet of ice. I think the kids could play hockey out there....if the knew how to play hockey.....or to ice skate.....

The biggest tree in the yard, that luckily is not close enough to the house to have to worry about falling branches

The American Flag, still waving, though barely due to being coated in ice. Chris later took it down, so it wouldn't bend the pole....

I should have taken the baskets down in the fall, but I didn't. But look at the ice on the chains....This is the backyard btw....and yes our back porch is that close to the front steps of the church next door.

Love the icicles and all the ice in our neighbors trees, i think it's so pretty!

The power lines were hanging pretty low yesterday, the ice must have melted a bit today though as they are not quite as low today....

As much as I love the variety and scenic views, I am ready Dear Lord, for some spring like weather.....

Made by Lena