Monday, August 29, 2011

Back To School

Well we headed back to our homeschool this year. Using a new curriculum this time. Switched on Schoolhouse. So far I like it alot better than the Abecca videos. Plus, once Gracie hits 7th grade (in two years) I only have to start buying new curriculum for one since she can use Frankie's hand me downs! YEA to SOS for allowing that! PLUS Gracie was super excited to start school after we went through how it was going to work, that's half the battle for the year, getting HER excited! PLUS it does most of the grading for me! YEA for all of the above.

Well I have been planning for weeks for this day. Making sure not to make plans with any friends so all my attention would be on the kids. Well as normal, no planned day around here goes as planned. Even though I had walked the kids through stuff on the computers of how it all works, I guess until you actually DO the work, you just don't know. Both had many occasions that they needed my help. So did several other things needing to be addressed, like a repair man, getting supper  going in the crockpot, addressing a couple emails, and cancelling a service contract with Mr. Quick. ALL at the same time. But I am happy to say, I never lost my cool through all that. In fact I only lost my cool once, with Gracie, with Math! That evil evil evil little subject! It truly is my nemesis! But we got through it. She got through her piano practice and we got to the nature park to look for a few geocaches as our PE. I decided, while the weather is nice, it's best to try for some FUN excersising. The kids, while exhausted after hiking for an hour, were thanking me for getting to have some fun afterwards.
The kids were both happy to have such short school days. I was impressed as well, until I looked at the schedule for later in the month. It appears, they try to EASE the kids into things the first week. Both kids having 5 subjects to work on today and 4 tomorrow. However, as I looked into the weeks ahead, there were days Gracie will have up to 16 things to work on! However, that includes all projects, tests and quizes. So while it looks overwhelming, it may go fast. We shall see.
After last year, I decided Gracie would be sitting in whatever room I was in while working on school so I could answer any questions and help keep her on track. We had bought one of those big round chairs at goodwill a year or two ago. I had brought it upstairs (from the basement where it ended up) Saturday to have it ready for today. She opened it and was using it in the living room all weekend. Wouldn't you know it, today, when we put it in my office, the stupid thing broke! SOO now we can go find a new chair! But I think her being with me is going to work out well. Hopefully tomorrow, we won't have so many "issues" arise and the day will go smoother. Although I must say, as first days go, I think we got alot accomplished. Ecspecially considering this family of late risers had to start getting up so early!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

To Be a Christian

I was looking through the documents in search of something and came upon some old poems I wrote years back. I still really like this one, so I thought I would put it on here.

To Be a Christian

What’s it like to be a Christian, one might ask

There’s a lot of hard work, it’s not an easy task

Then why do you do it? Some may say

Because in the Bible, it says to obey

But what do you get? What’s the reward?

To see the Lord Jesus, is what I look toward

How do you know, how are you sure?

Because my faith and trust are totally pure

Surely it’s boring, you aren't having fun...

I laugh and joke, just like everyone

I try to not to sin and to keep it clean

Nothing hurtful, spiteful, rude or mean

What if you fail and continue to sin?

I confess my wrong and ask forgiveness from Him

Aren’t you worried what others may say?

I only care where I am on judgment day

How do you continue, how do you go on?

Because if I didn’t, everything would be wrong

How do you become a Christian, what do you do?

Trust in Jesus, accept His gift to you

Build a relationship between you and He

And He will provide you with all that you need

So why does he do this, what does he gain?

That by your own choice, from the Devil you refrain

By your own will, you choose His love for you

You put Him first in all that you do

When you do all that, it brings glory to His name

And your life will never again be the same


Made by Lena