Friday, December 20, 2013


    NOTHING  like finishing up preparing 7 different doughs to bake the next day and having your sink clog on ya. NOTHING like scrubbing your tub in the bathroom with no windows and having the power going out on ya. NOTHING like being told the plumber will come between 3-5 PM, then getting a call at 4:30 and being told he is running late. NOTHING like getting a call asking if you want to fill in for your mom and work Sunday which will then pay for the plumber call (score!) NOTHING like hanging a sign on your craft room door that says, stay out, wrapping presents, then sitting in said room eating candy you bought for stockings. Yep NOTHING like it!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Simplify and Minimize

I have not been on here in over a year! WHY? because my life has been so cluttered with STUFF and things to do! Well recently, I was on Facebook, and a friend posted something in a group called MINIMIZE. My curiosity was peeked. I am on an nonending quest to simplify and minimize. We recently decided we would hopefully put our house on the market in the spring, however, in order to do that, we need to clean out ALOT! So, where to begin? If you saw my house, you would think, well, gee, there are plenty of places to begin! But deciding the best way to start, to just dig in, can be overwhelming.
I digress, back to my friend's group. I checked it out. They have turned purging, as I call it, into a fun game! The first day of the month, you "minimize" your stuff by atleast 1 item. The second day, 2 items and so on. Now, from what I have read, supposedly as you get further into the month, the harder it gets. I say, not when you are one item shy of staring on Hoarders! You have plenty to get rid of all month! The challenge is which area to tackle first! However,  having a goal, is just part of it. The other part, that has helped ME personally, is the motivation and encouragment. Making it a group effort. When others post what they are getting rid of something, it helps give you ideas of places you can clean out as well. When they post pictures it's even better. But when people comment on what YOU have done, encouraging you to keep going, it's like having your own little cheer squad! It can be utterly amazing what someone can accomplish with a little encouragment. There are many aspects of Facebook that I hate, but when used properly, it can be such a great encouragement.
 In the mean time, here are SOME of MY pictures of the things I have purged, or rather, "minimized" in my house.....

Computer games, that I have no time to play
Craft supplies, that make me feel like an utter failure when using them
More craft supplies
Cleaned out the junk drawer in the kitchen...found out we had a mouse living in there! By the way, we minimized that mouse as well!

Toys from my 15 yr old's room!
More toys from my son's room. Ya, I think we were a little over due in sorting through his room.

 I also went through the toothpaste drawer and got rid of 10, yes TEN empty tooth paste tubes among many other things! I am so excited to get rid of all this stuff weighing me down and hopefully finding more time and money in my day!! We recently minimized a vehicle. My dad had been loaning us his old truck so that we could have a second vehicle. However, it cost alot of money to fuel it, plus it allowed me to be out running around when I should have been at home working on homeschool stuff or spending money I shouldn't be spending. I am lightening my load both physically and mentally and am enjoying it immensely! Why do we often not continue to do the things that make us feel so good?

Made by Lena