Sunday, April 8, 2012


This year, we just had my mom over since Dad was working and Adam was busy. We had our usual holiday food with a few new recipes to try. Mom made "deviled chick eggs" and I made a new strawberries and cream dessert. We played Wii bowling, tennis and golf with "Gran" and we got her playing Angry Birds for the first time.  We did a little facetime with Aunt Peggy on the Ipad. Nothing too busy. I love laid back holidays where there is not a ton of stress, so this was as pretty close to perfect as it gets. Later we dug out the outside "toys" and put up the battmitton set and bid Gran farewell with her arms full of leftovers for Grandad.

My mom's attempt at craftiness! SHE actually saw this on Pinterest and decided to make it! I was very proud of her!! If you understood, my mom just does NOT do crafts or anything close to it, you would be proud of her too!

The Easter Baskets were the big "Prize" at the end of the annual egg scavenger hunt this year. I try to find cheap fun things to put in them. This year I also added an ITunes gift card for her and an Amazon gift card for him.



                                   Each egg has a clue to the next location....

                                         Hidden in the Dove chocolates

Hidden in the jellybeans

 Hidden in Gracie's "sleeping area" (she has taken to sleeping on the floor.....don't ask)

                                              Hidden in the linen closet

Hidden in the medicine closet

Hidden in Frankie's bed

Hidden in the shower

Hidden in the fridge

                                                   Hidden in the pantry

Hidden in the dog food

Hidden in the deep freeze

Hidden in the movies

Hidden in the dryer

Hidden in the dishwasher

The final hidden space...under the table

The first Egg clue.....

                     Yes it IS horrible carpet, but it's been low on the priority list to get new, as long as the kids continue to spill this, drop that, etc....but I always feel like telling people, NO I did NOT pick that carpet out!

This year I had them going downstairs then upstairs then back down....on and on wearing them out! It was the most running around they've done in a long time! It was so much fun to watch them though. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful home and family! And to have a Savior that loved me enough to die on the cross, so that my sins would be forgiven and I could go to Heaven, just by accepting HIS gift! Thank You Jesus!

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