Friday, August 10, 2012


I always try to teach my kids to try to show your appreciation to people. Yes, sometimes a simple Thank You, is sufficient, but why not go the extra mile when you can. Why not send thank you notes? I mean the person most likely took more than a few minutes out of their time to do something for you, why not show how much it meant to you by taking a few minutes to say thank you? I think that is on my top 10 list of pet peeves is when people don't even ACKNOWLEDGE something nice you did for them! What incentive do they have to do anything for you ever again? So, with that being said, here is our latest thank you!

All summer long, our church has had TNT =Tuesday Nights for Teens. The kids go and play really fun (and physical) games, get some wonderful snacks and a short little session about God. It costs us nothing, the church takes care of it all. The volunteers give of their time to help and Pastor Joe does all the planning, updating and motivating! For MY part, I get to take the kids, drop them off and go sit for an hour and a half, visiting, uninterrupted with my mom! Learing from her and refreshing my batteries. I can not begin to describe how much that did for me and the kids. They got to make new friends, get some energy burned  have something to be excited about and look forward to each week and feel even more like part of a church family! Again, very needed!
I wanted to do SOMETHING that would express my deep appreciation, even though I could never express how much it meant to us. I wanted to show them that it was not taken for granted, their time, money  and efforts they put into this ministry.

So I had seen this project on Pintrest and couldn't wait to use it! This was the perfect opportunity....
I had the kids help so they could be a part of showing THEIR appreciation as well....

 In case you couldn't read what the card said, here it is....
Thanks for your commit-"mint" to help...Thanks for your encourage-"mint"...Thanks for your involve-"mint"...Thanks for your invest-"mint" of time...Thanks for making each night an enjoy-"mint"... Thanks for helping to create a nice environ-"mint"... Everything you have done has really “mint” a lot to us!!!

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