Monday, May 30, 2011

I hear voices.....

we had such a busy weekend, but a good one. while working in the kitchen, i had the radio on and the song "i hear voices" came on. the singer talks about hearing the voices of people who had given him advice etc... anyway, it got me to thinking of the things i remember people saying that still stick with me......i remember my grandma saying "look for something before you ask where it is".....that was a big one that now is a pet peeve of mine when people don't look first....wonder if she had it said to her when she was young as well and it became a pet peeve of hers! lol  i also hear my mom saying "don't fight other people's battles for them, you'll just get yourself in more trouble then them" true that one was! unfortunetly had to live that one for it to sink in.  i hear my dad telling me "be careful what you say, once it's out there you can appoligize but the damage is done"  i do TRY to remember that one when i am mad, but sometimes my anger gets ahold of my mouth before my memory does. when i look at the stars at night, i hear my cousin telling me "i think the stars are made from flashlights", no, that is not any kind of advice but a fun memory of us laying in my granny's trailer and coming up with silly little ideas of what things were made from. i can hear my granny's laugh, my aunt's laugh, my brother calling my name.....none of it advice by just voices i hear when i think of them....anyway, just something i was thinking about......wonder what voices other people hear and what they are saying.....

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Red Eye Correction

Who in the world gets pink eye when they are 35 yrs old? It's like getting chicken pox as an adult! Well, evidently I do! And isn't pink eye protocol, that you wake up one morning and your eye/s are matted shut? Who has it come on all of a sudden while tearing a seam out of a sleeve? Honestly, if I could have blown my eye as much as I did my nose, I think it could have gotten cleared up. But instead I was resorted to wiping it with a wet wash cloth. However, the good news..... when I went to minute clinic (thank goodness for the invention of minute clinic) she said, don't let anyone eat or drink after you. I said, but I'm the mom, I cook all the meals. She informed me, well have your husband order take out and bring it home to you! I said, can I get a prescription for THAT?!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Old Records

So, a few YEARS ago, my mom gave me this software. It's to use to convert old records, cassettes, 8 tracks (yes I DO know how old THOSE are!) all over to a cd or mp3 file. Great idea RIGHT?! YES! IF it was user friendly. Me, being technology lacking, am not so friendly when using this! Btw, I finally found said software again, after finally cleaning and organizing my room!

At first I was so excited! I read the directions, they seemed pretty simple. I COULD DO THIS! I got out all the old records I wanted to start with! (don't look at the ugly carpet they are sitting on, it's horrific, but they want us to pay money to replace it)  I couldn't wait to be listening to them on my ipod! I had visions of getting them on my Dad's ipod and getting him to actually USE the ipod we gave him....a few year's ago.

Well, after THINKING I was doing it right, and playing 19 songs, then realizing, I had "converted" dead air, I THOUGHT I had the problem figured out. So I REPLAYED those same 19 no avail. And now, my once clean and organized desk, now looks like this.......and I am sick of 19 oldies songs after trying a third time to do this.

I decided to create this post so I could feel I accomplished something today in regards to technology. Although I don't know why the pictures seem so small, but for sanity sake, I will say to protect you from the glaring reality of the how bad the mess actualy was.
So I am calling it a day, well night, and will try again tomorrow. I'm a little closer, I have gotten them to where you can play them off the cd, and you can play ONE of the songs (the first one) in my ITunes directory, but I need to be able to play all of them in my ITunes as well as label them......but that will have to be accomplished on another day!

Made by Lena